Click Up Climbing Technology

96,90 €

CLICK UP is a manual belay device, specially designed for sport wall climbing, which can be used with all single ropes Ø 8.6 ÷ 10.5 mm.


It is compact and lightweight; it allows you to belay at first and belay in pulley by controlling the rope with both hands, and to lower the climber.


  • allows for quick, jerk-free rope placement;
  • allows you to stop a fall by holding the free end of the rope in your hand
  • to lower the climber, a light pressure on the device is sufficient, while keeping the tension on the free end of the rope with the other hand
  • optimised and compatible with all single ropes Ø 8.6 ÷10.5 mm
  • if the rope is incorrectly positioned in the device (inverted rope ends), thanks to its special V-shaped braking grooves, it ensures effective belaying in any case, allowing the partner to be braked and lowered to the ground without difficulty.