Shuttle Singing Rock

19,90 €

With the Singing Rock Shuttle belay/rappel device you have a versatile device that allows you to belay and rappel in complete safety. It is made of aluminium alloy and is light and compact, weighing only 65 grams. Recommended for sport climbing, rock climbing, mountaineering and ice climbing.


This belay device features a groove designed to provide equal friction for both thin and thick ropes. It is suitable for single, twin and double ropes with a diameter between 7.8 and 10.5 mm.


The Shuttle keeps the ropes apart and prevents them from tangling with each other. When you are belaying from above, the "guide mode" allows you to climb one or two climbers with maximum control.


For descending, it has a small secondary hole into which you can clip a carabiner or baga to release the device.