Singing Rock Quickdraw Colt x 6 - 11 cm

99,90 €

COLT quickdraw, with polyamide webbing and hot forged light alloy carabiners. Straight upper carabiner and curved lower carabiner. 


The I-shaped construction of the carabiners makes them super lightweight yet extremely strong, with a strength of 11 kN with the gate open.


The straight upper carabiner is equipped with the Keylock system and special grooves for easy clipping and cleaning. The lower curved carabiner is also equipped with the Keylock system, which makes hooking and unhooking to the rope smoother, preventing it from getting caught.


In addition, it incorporates a rubber band that allows better manipulation of the carabiner in the correct position and helps to prevent the carabiner from moving when clipping the rope. Each carabiner is individually tested for a strength of 10 kN. 


The Singing Rock Colt sport climbing quickdraw is made of a strong and durable polyamide webbing. This quickdraw is also a good and reliable solution for crack climbing and route work.