Singing Rock Quickdraw Vision x 6 - 11 cm

109,90 €

Singing Rock's Vision express webbing is a super lightweight 11cm long and 11mm wide Dyneema climbing webbing.


It consists of two hot forged lightweight aluminium alloy Vision carabiners with straight and curved wire triggers, making it a very versatile lanyard that can be used for both sport climbing and mountaineering, ideal for lighter styles.

Weighs 75 grams.


The Singing Rock Vision carabiners included in this climbing strap have a 19 mm gate opening (the minimum required for this type of carabiner, type B, is 15 mm), making it easy to clip in.


The wire gate, in addition to facilitating hooking and making the carabiner lighter, eliminates vibration (or whiplash effect) and prevents freezing in very cold weather conditions.


For this reason, Singing Rock Vision quickdraws are ideal for climbs requiring light weight and expeditions where climbing gear is exposed to extreme temperatures.


The upper carabiner has a straight wire gate, while the lower carabiner has a curved wire gate and incorporates a rubber band to better manipulate the carabiner in the correct position and help prevent it from moving when clipping the rope.


Straight gate carabiners make it more difficult for the carabiner to open due to rubbing or movement, reducing the risk of the carabiner slipping out of the plate. This is why straight gate carabiners are placed at the top of the quickdraws and curved gate carabiners at the bottom.