Singing Rock Carabiner Colt Straight

10,90 €

The Singing Rock Straight Colt Carabiner is a very light carabiner, weighing only 42 grams. At the same time it is extremely strong and cleverly designed for sport and trad climbing. With the carabiner open it holds a load of 11kN. It weighs only 42 grams.


This Hot Forging construction is the latest in carabiner manufacturing. On the one hand it adds great strength and on the other hand it gives the characteristic of lightness in a perfect climbing carabiner for your activities.


It features an ergonomic shape and an opening position designed to provide maximum opening for easy clipping.


Singing Rock Straight Colt carabiner is made with Keylock technology so that the rope never gets tangled in the carabiner as this technology facilitates clipping and unclipping.