Beal Rope Joker 80M - 9,1 mm

279,90 € 259,90 €

The JOKER 9.1MM rope, which is a single, medium and twin rope at the same time, has the particularity of adapting to a multitude of climbing situations.


It offers the perfect balance between lightness, fluidity and security to delight experienced climbers and, thanks to its versatility, it will also suit more traditional climbers looking for a versatile rope for touring, classic, mixed or snow races.


The JOKER model, already known as the first string to meet the standards of dynamic 3 strings, strengthens your game for ascents in the best conditions.


The strong point of this new JOKER rope is the integration of the UNICORE innovation that unites the core and the sheath of this rope to provide greater security and durability over time.



  • Diameter 9.1mm
  • Intensive line range
  • Material Polyamide
  • Shock force 8.2KN
  • Sports product yes
  • Sheath material Polyamide (PA)
  • Core material Polyamide (PA)
  • Sheath slip 0 mm
  • Family 9.1mm Joker Dry Tire
  • Single rope yes
  • Double rope yes
  • Twin rope Yes
  • Dynamic elongation 34%
  • Static elongation 8%
  • Cover percentage 35%