Colt Screw Carabiner Singing Rock

12,90 €

Singing Rock Colt screw climbing carabiner is a very light and at the same time extremely resistant carabiner. Cleverly designed for sport climbing, trad, rock climbing and alpine climbing. With the carabiner open it supports a load of 11kN.

SPECIAL OFFER: buy 3 and pay only 30€! Single carabiner price 12,90€



  • With security thread to keep the carabiner in the proper position
  • Weight: 48 gr
  • With large area to support the rope and improve glide while reducing wear on the carabiner
  • The load resistance of the upper part: 23kN
  • Bottom load resistance: 8kN
  • It is manufactured in hot forging (hot forging)
  • With KEYLOCK system 
  • The diagonal part that opens has an opening of 18mm