Singing Rock Bora Screw Black

17,90 €

Singing Rock Bora screw-climbing carabiner is a pear-shaped threaded carabiner. It is one of the most popular climbing and rappelling carabiners. This carabiner, also called pear-shaped, has this design because, being asymmetrical, it allows us to carry more material together, in case we need more space.


This Bora Singing Rock climbing carabiner is made with Hot Forging, the latest technology in carabiner manufacturing with the aim of making it more resistant and at the same time lighter. This carabiner only weighs 63 grams and is made of light aluminum alloy.


The Singing Rock Bora screw climbing carabiner is a screw carabiner that has our own technology called KEYLOCK, which manages to eliminate any risk of the ropes becoming entangled in the carabiner.


It is certified with European regulations to perform both vertical and height work as well as sport climbing.



  • With security thread to keep the carabiner in the proper position
  • Weight: 63 grams
  • With large area to support the rope and improve glide while reducing wear on the carabiner
  • The load resistance of the upper part: 23kN ; bottom load resistance: 8kN
  • It is manufactured in hot forging (hot forging), designed to be very resistant and at the same time very light, the lightest type of carabiner. This is the latest technology in manufacturing that brings more quality to the carabiner.
  • With KEYLOCK closure, an innovative system for greater security and ease of handling of the screw-type carabiner
  • Has a unique serial number for better traceability and inspection
  • The diagonal part that opens has a 22mm opening