Climbing Shoe Tenaya Ra

119,90 €

Ra is a climbing shoe designed seeking the highest levels of balance between all its features and designed to help the thumb to develop all its strength.

If, in addition, we have an easy way to attack all holds, an enormous response capacity on all terrains and spectacular comfort, the result is a high-performance shoe that helps you climb more easily and intuitively.



  • Stiffness 3.5
  • More rigid and structured shoes tend to favor the development of more strength in supports on all types of edges.
  • Sensitivity 3.5
  • Shoes with greater sensitivity allow you to have more information in each movement, they have more capacity to adapt to the shape of the rock and you can feel less distance between the rock and your foot.
  • Foot Width Response 3.0 It is the ability of the shoe to adapt to your foot width. This response does not depend only on the width of the sole, in some cases shoes with narrower soles can have a greater response to the width of the foot.