Climbing Shoe Tenaya Oasi

144,90 €

When Tenaya proposed the Oasi project, there was one objective above all else: they wanted it to have all the advantages that a curved climbing shoe can develop on overhangs, without losing any performance on vertical walls, even in friction and adhesion bearings. This has required them to redesign part of the production process and develop a series of new technologies.


The result is a curve with the widest range of response and with previously unheard of levels of comfort in a high-performance climbing shoe.



  • Stiffness 3.0
    Stiffer, more structured shoe tends to encourage more force to be developed in landings on all types of edges.
  • Sensitivity 4.0
    Shoes with more sensitivity allow for more information in every movement, have more ability to adapt to the shape of the rock and can feel less distance between the rock and the foot.
  • Foot width response 3.5
    This is the ability of the shoe to adapt to your foot width. This response is not only dependent on the width of the sole, sometimes shoes with narrower soles can have a greater response to foot width.