Climbing Shoe Scarpa Origin

99,90 €

The Scarpa Origin is the perfect shoe for beginners in rock climbing and sport climbing.

This Scarpa model stands out for its comfort, adaptability to all types of feet and for having a rubber sole resistant to abrasions.


The shape of Scarpa Origin is slightly asymmetrical, with a wide last designed to adapt to any foot morphology.

This introductory shoe is mostly made of leather, it also has a double velcro fastening system that allows a quick and comfortable adjustment to the feet.


Being a climbing shoe designed for beginners, we recommend choosing the same size that you use in your usual footwear, as this way you will be able to enjoy climbing without having to worry about sore feet.



  • Double velcro fastening
  • Flat sole
  • Hard stiffness with 5mm Vision rubber.
  • Low asymmetrical shape and wide last
  • PAF system in the heel
  • 1.4 mm Nylon midsole