Oval Steel Carabiner with Screw Singing Rock

7,90 €

Oval steel carabiner with Keylock system from Singing Rock. 

Like all Singing Rock carabiners, this steel carabiner features the Keylock system, which prevents accidental snagging of the rope.

Being made of zinc plated steel, this oval carabiner is stronger than a similar carabiner made of aluminium.

Its oval shape makes it ideal for working with pulleys, ascenders, descenders and blockers.



  • Oval steel carabiner for vertical works and for caving and adventure parks
  • Ideal for use with pulleys, ascenders, descenders and levers.
  • Carabiner strength: 30kN
  • Trigger opening: 18mm
  • Material: zinc plated steel
  • Available with screw lock
  • Weight 176g
  • Certifications: CE 1019, EN 362